In Hungary, werewolf and vampire storieswere not uncommon, so it would not be wholly inconceivable that the two mythos would cross. If a werewolf ever ate the flesh of an executed person, when it died, it would rise up as a REVENANT vampire called a farkaskoldus. It rises from its grave at night, and using its ability to shape-shift into a cat, dog, or goat, it makes its way discreetly through town looking for its next victim. When it has found someone suitable, it lies on top of its prey, drinks his blood, and returns to its grave before the sun rises. If a deceased person is suspected of being a farkaskoldus, his grave must be exhumed. If he is in fact a vampire, the corpse will show little or no signs of decomposition nor will it smell like death or decay; rather the body will be filled with fresh blood.
Once a farkaskoldus has been discovered, there are a number of ways it can be destroyed. The simplest way is to burn the body to ash or soak the corpse in holy water. However, if it is felt that a more severe method is necessary, a stake can be driven through the heart or a nail through the head, after which the body must be burned to ashes. An even more extreme method of destruction is to sever the arms, legs, and head, remove the heart through the vampire's back, and then burn everything to ash. Finally, place the remains in a sack and throw it into a deep river.
Source: Inge Heinze, Proceedings, 270; Kenyon,
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Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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